Permantly Semi-Glistening.

13 05 2010

Well its been awhile since i posted anything on here.

Um i have been sick since last friday and i think im on the tail end of things cough is the last thing left and thats going away FINALLY!

I am going to buy my gun this Sunday so i will be getting it on Wednesday -.- more waiting .

i still have yet to pick a date to come back to visit Colorado i think the end of June is probably a good time.

Ive rediscovered tom petty and the heartbreakers.

i just just now deleted my mysapce

i rediscovered how much i love taking back sunday.

i wish photoshop was not broken i really feel like making something and that feeling does not come along to often any more

my beard is growing back in nice and full  after the fiasco 2 weeks ….

i want dye my hair black again.

i also would like to get a new tattoooooo some time soon.

im glad people are excite to see me when i come back to visit…  it will have been six months since i have stepped foot in colorado by the time im back almost seven.

my lil 240 gets Nevada plates this month thats pretty exciting.

i got my discount card for work the other day pretty amazing if you ask me 10% off everything!

im pretty sure i walk like 10 miles a day at work

i have a real bad farmers tan and glove tan>.>

went and seen aarons brothers roommates band.. a briter doom  and was actually impressed lol it was there first live show.

recently some one started talking to me again and that makes me happy HOSNAP

this Friday is supposed to me 92 DEGREEZEEE  >.>

umm i think this is a pretty good update

i added all the pictures from my myspace to my facebook and junk

but im gonna go do something else for now



At least your not building a crystal meth lab with you’re biker buddies.

5 04 2010

so as of yesterday i have been out of colorado for 5 months

does it feel like it has been that long for any one else i dont think so

um some time this week aaron is going to buy his g17so maybe we can go shooting this weekend

ive got another 41 days i think before i can get my gun 😦

i also discovered while taking my morning pee that my “sniper elite” shirt has a mosin nagant on it haha

uhhh in other news we are dog sitting a pit bull named dio >.>

umm oh and had easter din din at kellys house … that would be aarons stepmoms house

it was pretty goooodd  i raped the mashed potatoes… like usual

any way uhh



19 03 2010

Can you believe in 16 days… i will have been gone for 5 months….

thinking about it well … kinda makes me sad, time is going by so fast yet i have so little to show for it.

I mean I suppose I have grown alot …. alot alot …. but idk i just kinda feel sad about it maybe its because im sleepy

but i think im almost what some would call “homesick”

its kinda shitty

and i don’t like it very much at all

and in 2 days its been a whole year since i turned 21 and it feels like i could count the days on one hand

shits depressing -.-

i have sooooo many more thought but at the risk of sounding like an emo faggot i think il pause here

oh and ps i miss you peoples i wish we talked more 😦

let me drive, its my dick

19 03 2010

Uh im blogging

thank god its fucking friday and im off for 3 days 🙂

just finished watching the hurtlocker fucking great movie i can see why it won so many damn awards

heres a few pictures i took on the windowsill out side the computer room its basically a big bench under the window

it was nice i sat outside in the dark with a cool breeze smoking a black and mild its been a long time since i last had one

in other news im going to get a hair cut later today

possibly some new shoes for work and i guess something for me seeing as how my birthday is soon and what not

im pretty excited to hang with aaron i never get to see him

and i know ive said it already but if you havnt heard the american dollar GO GET IT

i love it

and heres a few pictures from last sunday

also i havnt slept yet :D!

…. some of the pictures didnt upload cuz that flash uploader is a fag

any way


I cant hear you over all the noise your anus is making.

13 03 2010

Ugh. i can already tell this weekend is gonna shape up to be baller…. sike

im broke as shit aaron dosnt wanna spend any money AT ALL  on anything

which i guess i cant really bitch but than again i can cause im giving him 300 extra dollars a month

AND i never get to see him because of my work schedule and the mother fucker goes and passes out at 10 o’clock

WTF IS THAT BS….. and all that other shit going uhh backwards -.-  this is tough 😦

..or you get a pen and stab him in the neck. But i havnt got a pen.

8 03 2010

so this is more or less gonna be about my weekend lol

and what i am doing because i feel i should like uhhh

tell ppl about my semi dull adventures

silly work                                              BWW                            and HAWIIANNNN FOODSSS

also this weekend

i watched sherlock holmes is was goods

and uhhh


fuck you  😀

What a tool

4 03 2010


now i has one to

and il put up pretty pictures to!

just not right now maybe later

but HI

how are you

and by the way

the american dollar (music that is) is amazing